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National Parks

Ethiopia's national parks are located in different parts of the country. With its landscape ranging from alpine moorland to Savannahs and deserts which has given rise to a rich diversity of animals and plant species, Ethiopia is one of the most physically and biologically diverse countries in the world. Out of 823 species of birds 16 are found only in Ethiopia. Of 277 species of wildlife, 7 are Endemic mammals. Here are some of the national parks that are home to birds and animals.

Semien Mountains National Park

Adinas Agera Tour and TravelThe Simien Mountains National Park is registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It is home to three of the endemic mammals, Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon and Simien Fox. The highest peak with an altitude of 4,620 metres above sea level, Ras Dashen, is also located within the National Park. Ras Dashen is the fourth highest mountain in Africa. The rich flora and beautiful scenery with big canyons makes the area a premier destination for trekking. It is usually riffered as the 'Roof of Africa'.

Bale Mountains National Park

Ethiopia TourThe Bale Mountains are a beautiful world all of their own set in the southern highlands of Ethiopia, 425 kilometres(264 miles) from Addis Ababa. The mountains rise to a height of over 4,000 metres(13,123ft), with Mount Batu, the second highest peak in Ethiopia, rising to 4,307 metres (14,131 ft) high.

The Bale Mountains National Park, which covers an area of 2,470 square kilometres(1,535 square miles), and through which one can either walk or drive, is one of the best places to see the endemic Simien fox, the Mountain nyala and Menilek's bushbuck.

Not far from the Bale Mountains is one of the world's most spectacular and extensive underground caverns: the Sof Omar cave system. Formed by the Weyb River as it changed its course in the distant past and carved a new channel through limestone foothills, Sof Omar is an extraordinary natural phenomenon of breathtaking beauty.

Nech Sar National Park

Travel To EthiopiaNech Sar National Park is situated near Arba Minch the capital of North Omo. Arba Minch - meaning 'Forty Springs' in Amharic took its name from the bubbling streams that cover the groundwater forest occupying the flats of the town. From a viewing point you can enjoy panoramic views of the area of outstanding beauty and considered as Ethiopia's last great surviving wilderness. Lakes Abaya and Chamo are part of the National Park.

A wide variety of plains game roams freely amongst the 514m2 of savannah, dry bush and groundwater forest, which are also the habitat of 188 recorded species of birds. Animals to be seen are Bushbuck, Swayne's Hartebeest, Burchell's Zebra, Grant's Gazelle, Guenther's Dik-dik, Greater Kudu, Anubis Baboon, Grey Duiker. Birds seen include Red-billed Hornbill, Grey Hornbill Fish Eagle, Kori Bustard, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill and more.

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Travel Agent in EthiopiaBoat trip on Lake Chamo is along the best anywhere in Ethiopia. One can spot many Hippos and the world's most spectacular concentrations of Giant Crocodiles (as it is called locally "The Crocodile Market"). The water birds are great and the scenery is truly unforgettable. Fishing for Nile Perch and many other species by locals on their traditional boat is by far the best in the country.

The other National Parks are Awash, Abyatta-Shalla, Mago, Omo, Yangudirasa and Gambela National parks consisting their own distinctive flora and fauna. There are also four protected areas.

Tour Code: AATT 032
Transport : Surface
Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights
Destination: Lakes and Bale 

Day 1. Arrival to Addis. Overnight Hotel.
Day 2. Drive Addis - Goba. Overnight Hotel.
Day 3. Drive Goba - Sanetti and Dinsho for game drive. Overnight Goba.
Day 4. Drive Goba - Sof Omar to explore the cave. Overnight Goba.
Day 5. Drive Goba - Wondo Genet. Overnight Wondo Genet.
Day 6. Drive Wondo Genet - Awassa - Langano. Overnight Langano.
Day 7. Drive Langano - Addis. Overnight Addis.
Day 8. City tour in Addis. Evening, departure.

Tour Code: AATT 033
Transport : Surface
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Destination: Lakes and Aba Minch 

Day 1. Arrival to Addis. Overnight Hotel.
Day 2. Drive Addis - Arba Minch via Hosana. Overnight Arba Minch.
Day 3. Drive Arba Minch - Nech Sar and boat trip on Lake Chamo. Overnight Arba Minch.
Day 4. Drive Arba Minch - Konso - Arba Minch. Overnight Arba Minch.
Day 5. Drive Arba Minch - Wondo Genet. Overnight Wondo Genet.
Day 6. Drive Wondo Genet - Awassa - Langano. Overnight Langano.
Day 7. Drive Langano - Addis. Overnight Addis.
Day 8. City tour in Addis. Evening, departure

Program: Semien Mountains Trekking
Duration : 9 nights/10 days
Tour Code: AATT 123
Air and Trekking

Day 1. Fly to Gondar and sightseeing tour. Overnight Gonder in a hotel.
Day 2. Drive to Sankabar and overnight at a campsite.
Day 3. Trek Sankaber to Geech. Overnight Camping.
Day 4. Trek to Imet Gogo and return to Geech. Overnight Camping.
Day 5. Trek Geech to Chennek. Overnight Camping.
Day 6. Trek Chenek to Ambiquo. Overnight Camping.]
Day 7. Climb Ras Dashen and trek back to Ambiquo. Overnight Camping.
Day 8. Trek Ambiqo to Sona. Overnight Camping.
Day 9. Trek Sona to Mekarebia. Overnight Camping.
Day 10. Trek Mekarebia to Mulit. Overnight Camping.
Day 11. Trek MMulit to Adiarkay. Overnight Camping.
Day 12. Drive Adiarkay to Gonder. Overnight stay in Hotel.
Day 13. Fly back to Addis. Evening Departure.

NB. The trekking programme could be extended and combined to other desinations in the historic route upon request.

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